We are a team of passionate believers that do all that we can to offer children a chance to fulfill their dreams through limb saving, medical and surgical treatments at the world renowned Paley Institute in West Palm Beach FL.  Oftentimes, amputation is the solution offered to families of children born with severe congenital limb defects.  We, along with Dr. Dror Paley and The Paley Institute, advocate for an alternative solution; limb saving and corrective surgery.  Dr. Dror Paley is revered as the world's leading pediatric limb correction surgeon and dedicates his life to offering children a limb saving and life changing solution.  The UnLIMBited Foundation has established The Tommy Fund to provide much needed financial assistance to those families that need the support as they undergo the extensive limb saving surgery and rehabilitation in West Palm Beach, Florida.  Patient Families relocate to Florida for up to six months in order to receive these treatments.  The cost of every day living expenses can be devastating to many families that have taken a leave of absence from their employment in order to be close to the treatment hospital (The Paley Institute in West Palm Beach, FL). Lodging, transportation and food are just a few of the costs that The Tommy Fund can help with.  If you or someone you know is interested in limb saving treatments please visit www.paleyinstitute.org. The financial aid application and instructions can be found at www.thepaleyfoundation.org. 

It's a story that hits home for the Family behind the concept of The unLIMBited Foundation.  Their son Tommy was born without most of his right arm but at the age of 3 was deemed a golf prodigy, and today, at the age of 7, travels the world advocating for other limb different children.  Tommy began his global journey as a result of being a guest on The Ellen Degeneres Show at the age of 3. He has since gone on to win the hearts of millions around the world as he competes against PGA Tour Players at a "closest to the pin" contest via his "One Arm Challenge".  After many National television documentaries, two features in Golf Digest Magazine and a robust social media following, Tommy uses his platform to help other children get the help they need to fulfill their dreams of saving their limbs.  


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​​"I only have one arm, but I'm using it to save theirs" ~ Tommy Morrissey