"Links to Freedom has many kids that participate with their parents in our rehabilitative and adaptive golf programs.  UnLIMBited saw our need for children's golf equipment so they could fully participate with their parents and came through for us in a huge way by providing over 40 sets of kids clubs.  Because of UnLIMBited, we now have the ability to provide the right equipment designed for children that allows them to learn and enjoy this wonderfully inclusive sport right along side their parents.  Thanks UnLIMBited; you’ve touched more kids’ lives than you’ll ever know and made it possible for wounded and disabled veterans to include their children in our Links to Freedom programs!"
Rob Koon
Chairman, Links to Freedom

We are a team of passionate believers that do all that we can to offer children a chance to fulfill their dreams through limb altering, aka life altering medical and surgical treatments.

It's a story that hits home for the Family behind the concept of The unLIMBited Foundation.  Their son Tommy was born without most of his right arm but at the age of 3 was deemed a golf prodigy and today, at the age of 6 travels the world advocating for other limb different children.  Tommy began his global journey as a result of being a guest on The Ellen Degeneres Show at the age of 3. He has since gone on to win the hearts of millions around the world as he competes against PGA Tour Players at a "closest to the pin" contest via his "One Arm Challenge".  After many National television documentaries, two features in Golf Digest Magazine and a robust social media following, Tommy uses his platform to help other children get the help they need to fulfill their dreams just as he has.  

Each child's need is unique. One-size-fits-all approaches will never help these children reach their full potential. We deliver custom medical solutions, tailored to each child for their one-of-a-kind challenges.  We have vetted medical and surgical specialists around the Country and work closely with each of them to provide State of the Art solutions, specifically formulated and executed for each unique child.

we believe in a unique and customized consulting experience for each and every cHILD we SEEK To HELP

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