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Our first goal is to provide resources to save children's limbs through today's advanced medical technologies​.  Many times families are offered amputation as the sole solution to complex limb anomalies. Through our awareness campaign and strategic partnership with the world renowned Pediatric Orthopedic Limb Correction Surgeon, Dr. Dror Paley we can offer correction as the solution versus amputation. 

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How you can help

We provide awareness as well as  financial aid through our Tommy Fund to families whose children receive limb saving and correction surgery at The World Renowned Paley Institute of West Palm Beach Florida. Children from all over the world relocate with their families to South Florida to receive limb saving and correction surgery.  These treatments can require up to and sometimes more than six months of correction and rehabilitation.  Please contact us for information and consideration of financial aid for limb saving and correction treatments at The Paley Institute.  

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Each of these medical treatments or surgeries are in the multiple thousands and most times are simply unaffordable when the cost to relocate and lost wages are factored in.

With your donation, together with the generosity of other's, we can provide opportunities for children to receive limb saving surgeries rather than amputation.  These children deserve a chance to live a full life with useful limbs and YOU can help make that happen.  

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There are thousands of children living in the United States that are born with a congenital limb defect or due to traumatic events stand to lose limbs. Many times the attending medical team capacity and experience as well as financial resources are deficient to save and correct the limb.

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